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Here at The Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine, we treat many common conditions that bring a lot of pain and frustration to our patients. Rotator cuff damage, bursitis, tendonitis, herniated discs, osteoarthritis…you name it, we see it on a daily basis. Each one can be very painful and interfere with normal daily living. Unfortunately, many people assume the only way to get relief is through medication or surgery. However, that’s not always the case.

The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine specializes in regenerative medicine near Troy MI, bringing you the future of pain management with an approach that has the potential to overtake or at least complement traditional medicine. Opioids, which are highly addictive and hard to withdraw from, and surgery, which comes with a long and painful recovery process, aren’t your only options.

Regenerative medicine holds the promise of providing definitive, affordable health care solutions by healing the body from within. Whether you suffer from chronic  pain due to herniated discs or osteoporosis, or you have experienced a sports-related injury, regenerative medicine near Troy MI can help. Not only can you enjoy faster recovery times with this non-surgical approach, you can also experience better results at significantly lower costs. With the power to replace/repair human cells or regenerate tissue/organs to restore normal function, regenerative medicine is certainly a game changer in the healthcare field.

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A Modern Approach to a Proven Concept

Regenerative medicine has been around for many years but it’s only been recently that researchers, doctors, and scientists have really started to apply these amazing results. Dr. Thomas Nabity Jr., MD, of The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine decided to offer regenerative medicine to his patients after years of feeling frustrated with the traditional Band-Aid approach to healing.

An industry-wide shift is occurring right now that takes the focus away from treating surface symptoms to addressing the underlying cause of disease. Through repairing, replacing, or re-generating cells that have been damaged, this can lessen the burden of disease for many common conditions. In short, regenerative medicine near Troy MI offers hope for people who suffer from several previously-untreatable or curable injuries and diseases.

The benefits to this approach are many. These range from an increase in life expectancy and improvements in health-related quality of life to reduced reliance on opiates and subsequent addiction and withdrawal, according to Medical News Today.

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Speaking of addiction, did you know that 90 Americans die every day by overdosing on opioids, at a total cost of $78 billion a year? Regenerative medicine can drastically reduce this dependence on and misuse of opioids for pain.

Another huge benefit is the potential for curing deadly degenerative diseases like ALS. The possibilities are endless in treating a wide spectrum of ailments such as sports injuries, aging conditions, traumatic injuries from car accidents, and progressive disease.

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