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Chronic pain is more pervasive than you may assume. If you’re like millions of Americans, you suffer from chronic pain relating to your shoulders, back, neck, bones and more. Up until now, the only way you’ve likely gotten relief is via medication or surgery. We’re here to throw another solution into the mix.

At The Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine, we propose that there’s a better way besides opioids and surgery to treat many common conditions that bring frustration and pain to our patients. Regenerative medicine holds the potential to provide definitive, affordable health care solutions by healing the body from within. Incredibly, it can replace and repair human cells or regenerate tissue and organs to restore normal function, addressing chronic pain due to anything from herniated discs to osteoporosis.

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What is RM?

Regenerative medicine, around for decades, has recently been applied by researchers, doctors and scientists to fully explore its incredible results. Dr. Thomas Nabity Jr., MD, of The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, offers regenerative medicine to his patients. He decided to do so after several years of feeling frustrated with the traditional Band-Aid approach to healing.

We do that through repairing, replacing or re-generating cells that have been damaged, decreasing the burden of disease for many common conditions. This is in concurrent with an industry-wide shift going on right now. We believe it’s time to take the focus away from treating surface symptoms and put the focus where it should be: addressing the underlying cause of disease.

We offer you an alternative, bringing you the future of pain management with an approach that has the potential to overtake or at least complement traditional medicine.

Our team believes regenerative medicine near West Bloomfield MI gives hope where there was only dependency on drugs and surgery before. Now, people just like you suffering from several previously-untreatable or curable injuries and diseases can find a better path.

Premier Specialists

We are the premier specialists in regenerative medicine near West Bloomfield MI. When you call, we can let you in on the secrets that help you experience better results at significantly lower costs than expensive medicine and surgery. As such, regenerative medicine represents a revolutionary approach to pain management. If you have suffered through a debilitating sports-related injury or any chronic injury pain, regenerative medicine near West Bloomfield MI can help thanks to faster recovery times with a non-surgical approach.

Perhaps you have suffered damage stemming from rotator cuff injury, tendonitis, herniated discs, bursitis or osteoarthritis. The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine can help you with that too.


About 90 Americans die every day by overdosing on opioids, costing the country an estimated $78 billion a year. We need this to end.

Regenerative medicine near West Bloomfield MI could be the answer, as it can drastically reduce this dependence on and misuse of opioids for pain. The advantages to regenerative medicine near West Bloomfield MI are many, according to Medical News Today:

  • Reduced reliance on opiates and subsequent addiction and withdrawal.
  • Treatment of a wide spectrum of ailments such as sports injuries, aging conditions, traumatic injuries from car accidents and progressive disease.
  • Potential for addressing diseases such as ALS.
  • Increase in life expectancy.
  • Better health-related quality of life.

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