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Regenerative Medicine Near Livonia MI

One adage that is repeated time and time again is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is seen as common sense when in actuality, it isn’t! Televisions worked fine two decades ago, but how do TVs from 2000 compare to high-definition, widescreen 4K HDTV televisions of today? In all walks of life, just because there’s a workable, effective solution, that doesn’t mean a better one doesn’t exist.

The same goes for health matters. If a pain reliever tablet cures a headache, then why take anything else? If surgery or powerful medication ‘cures’ long term ailments, why consider any other treatment?

In the latter case there could be a better solution – regenerative medicine near Livonia MI.

Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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All You Need to Know About Regenerative Medicine Near Livonia MI

There is nothing overly complicated about regenerative medicine near Livonia MI. This treatment simply involves taking your body’s own natural resources and given them a boost. For example, we can extract and store your stem cells for later use, or we can extract blood, boost platelet levels then reintroduce your blood into the areas of your body where you are experiencing problems.

You may wonder why you should consider regenerative medicine near Livonia MI as opposed to a more ‘readily-accepted’ solution such as surgery or pain medication. In truth, surgery is intrusive and complications such as infections can occur, while pain medication does not cure the source of your pain – it simply masks it.

Regenerative Medicine Near Livonia MI Can be a Better Solution Than Traditional Options

Prolonged use of pain medication also runs the risk of tolerance and dependency, and we are sure you are aware of the current opioid crisis that is enveloping the US. People can become reliant upon pain medication for mood, even when the original issue – the pain itself – has gone away.

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With regenerative medicine near Livonia MI there is no risk of developing dependency. Remember, all regenerative medicine solutions are supplied by your own body, and are not created in some laboratory somewhere, or derived from substances that otherwise are considered dangerous.

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