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Regenerative Medicine near Milford MI

For most ailments and injuries, you may think there is only one solution. For example, for minor injuries it’s a case of rest and pain medication. For major injuries it could be surgery and then pain medication as you recover. You may be surprised to know that for both, there is an alternative – regenerative medicine near Milford MI.

Too often physicians are quick to prescribe so-called ‘tried and trusted’ solutions such as surgery and pain medication when alternatives like regenerative medicine near Milford MI are available. There are several reasons why regenerative medicine could be the best solution, and not just an alternative one.

Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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What You Need to Know About Regenerative Medicine Near Milford MI

While regenerative medicine may be a relatively new option for patients who are dealing with a wide variety of ailments and conditions, it has been shown to be extremely effective for many of our patients at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine. Think about it – every time you suffer a fall you do not go limping off straight to your nearest medical center. The human body in the majority of cases is perfectly capable of healing itself. This is the main premise behind the power of regenerative medicine.

For major events though some type of intervention is usually required, and surgery and pain medication are too often the ‘default’ solutions. Regenerative medicine near Milford MI offers an alternative, using sound scientific principles to give your body the help it needs to allow it to return to full function.

Think about it – nature did not design us to be sliced open for surgery or for our bloodstream to be swimming with opiates. Regenerative medicine near Milford MI simply takes what nature gave us and strengthens it.

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Regenerative Medicine Near Milford MI is a Long Term Solution

Too often we are guilty of relying on ‘band-aid’ solutions. Pain medication, for example, simply allows us to mask the pain – it does not solve it. If you are in a leaking boat, bailing out the water is a solution, but it’s not until you apply a permanent fix (plug the leak) that the problem goes away. Regenerative medicine near Milford MI is the long term solution to countless physical problems.

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