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It’s hard to understand, but physicians often seem reluctant to adopt new ideas and treatments into the way that they deal with their patients. This is never truer than when it comes to the treatment of inflammation and sports injuries. For pain, physicians often simply whip off a prescription for painkilling medication, no matter the risk. For deeper issues, it’s a referral for surgery.

There are alternatives to painkillers and surgery though in the shape of regenerative medicine near Corktown Detroit MI. Here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine we offer a range of treatments that are safer, less intrusive and often more effective as well.

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The regenerative medicine techniques near Corktown Detroit MI as offered by us here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine are neither complicated nor unnatural. They involve the harvesting of natural elements created by your own body, such as stem cells or platelets. These cells have been proven effective at treating injuries – indeed that is precisely what they have been naturally designed to do. Via our treatments they are ‘enhanced’ in order to make them more effective, and not by unnatural means. Nothing artificial or man-made is added to your body during any of our treatments.

You may ask yourself what is the point of taking something from the body that’s designed to cure it anyway, and then add it back in? The truth is, as we age our bodies become less effective at dealing with trauma and the effects of disease. Our treatments are designed to take what the body naturally produces and make it more effective at what it does. This could be the removal of stem cells from a younger patient, banking them and reintroducing them when they are needed at a later date, or enriching the platelet-count of a patient’s blood and then re-introducing to an area where trauma has been experienced or that has been affected by disease.

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For any kind of treatment, you want to be assured that you are in the best and most caring hands possible. That is certainly the case if you come under the care of the doctors at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine near Corktown Detroit. It’s our aim to improve the quality of your life quickly and effectively.

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