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Regenerative Medicine near Bloomfield Hills MI

Imagine avoiding surgery and achieving better results with tested and proven medical treatments using the body to heal the body! Well, it’s possible with regenerative medicine near Bloomfield Hills MI. From labral tears of the shoulder or hip to rotator cuff damage, regenerative medicine offers an alternative healthcare solution for patients by healing the body from within. Thanks to medically proven advancements, people like you can enjoy faster recovery times and better results at significantly lower costs.

Here at The Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in offering this non-surgical approach to healing that can address a variety of common treatable conditions posing very painful and extensive results. From bursitis and tendonitis to non-union bone fractures and cracks, these conditions can certainly be extremely painful, interfering with normal daily living.

Today’s evidence-based, palliative treatments simply can’t keep up with patients’ needs any longer, especially for our senior population, with not as many effective ways to treat the ultimate causes of many diseases, congenital conditions, and injuries, says the Mayo Clinic. This leaves patients with seemingly few options, such as medications, devices or surgery.

While traditional treatments certainly have their place in modern medicine, we want our patients to know there is another alternative out there with fewer side effects, less recovery time, and more effective results – all without the need for opioids (which are highly addictive) and invasive surgery (which comes with long recovery times). That’s where regenerative medicine near Bloomfield Hills MI comes in.

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Regenerative medicine has been around for quite some time now but has only been recently used in mainstream pain management goals. This non-surgical approach has the ability to replace, repair and regenerate cells, tissue and organs designed to restore normal function. If you’ve become increasingly frustrated with the Band-Aid approach that simply masks symptoms, it’s time to consider something revolutionary. With the ability to completely heal damaged tissues and organs, regenerative medicine near Bloomfield Hills gives hope to patients suffering from any manner of previously-untreatable injuries and diseases.

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Benefits of regenerative medicine include a boost in life expectancy, improvements in health-related quality of life, and reduced reliance on opiates. This last one is important because we as a country are seeing nearly 100 Americans die each year due to opioid overdose. Regenerative medicine could help reduce those numbers that are contributing to this alarming national health crisis.

Another benefit is the potential for cure. Deadly degenerative diseases like ALS claim the lives of thousands of people each year, with about 5,000 people being diagnosed annually. Finding a cure for diseases like this through regenerative medicine is a goal of many scientists, doctors and researchers.

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